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Call Today! 888-734-2576

Sean Aichel

Chief Executive Officer

Our greatest achievements as a team and our strong and meaningful reputation stem from Sean Aichel's vision and natural way of caring for people overall‭. ‬His passion‭, ‬creativity and outside the box thinking is what sets him aside and has made him highly saught after and a valuable asset to many investing in their future and their homes‭. ‬Sean has built a consistant foundation and a strong team that truly dedicate themselves to each project‭. ‬He continues to amaze us with his groundbreaking innovations‭, ‬raising‭ ‬the bar in the industry‭.‬

Udi Aichel

Chief Operations Officer

As co-founder of regal Udi over sees all company operations making sure that regals focus is carried out and has helped build a‭ ‬strong reputation with high standards for the companys business model‭. ‬She has recently become a real estate agent and her new passion has lead the company to finding real estate investment opportunities for investors and developers‭.‬

Allyson S‭.‬

Director of Operations

Allyson has over twenty years of experience in office and the construction industry with a bachlors in business administration and a master’s in human resources she serves as the key of functionallity of the entire construction process with her extensive skill level and creative solutions‭.‬

Mor H‭.‬

Chief Financial Officer

Mor has many years of financial background specifically in the construction industry‭. ‬She has been consulting for many years guiding companies with her knowledge an understanding of the industry needs‭. ‬She brings structure and continuity to the team and provides customers with clear and accurate information bringing piece of mind to all‭.